Is 28k a good salary in the UK | Is 28000 a good salary (2024)

Are you wonder if £28k is a good salary or not in the UK? It’s an obvious question when you get an offer on that salary. But, a 28,000 salary means different things in London versus a small town in the North. The reason is that the cost of living varies in both regions.

So, today we are going to talk about different things related to living on a 28k salary. It includes budgeting, cost of living, renting and many more.

Is 28000 a good salary in the UK

A salary of 28,000 is considered a decent salary in the UK. Because it is below the national average salary of the UK. With a 28,000 salary, you can afford rent, transportation, and other necessities without too much trouble.

A lot also depends on your job and experience level. For an entry-level position straight out of university, £28k is a decent start. But if you have many years of experience in a skilled field, £28k may seem lacking.

However, £28k is a good salary or not comes down to your own budget, financial needs, job, and location. If it allows you to live comfortably without struggling to pay bills, that’s a good place to be.

Is 28k a good salary uk

What is 28000 after tax?

A 28,000 salary person comes under 20% tax brackets. Therefore, a £28,000 salary will be £23,064 after tax. This is equal to £1,922 per month and £444 per week.

This tax calculation only considers the individual’s salary. It does not include other sources of income or any other deduction. Like student loans, pensions, or other income. Click here to calculate tax on your personal circumstances.

Here is a breakdown of the tax deductions on the salary of 28000:

Gross Salary£28,000£2,333£539£108£14.36
Taxable Salary£15,430£1,286£296£59£7.91
Income Tax£3,084£257£59£ 12£1.58
National Insurance £1,852£155£35£ 7£0.95
Take-Home pay£23,064£1,922£444£89£11.83

Is £28k a good salary compare to every region of the UK?

Where you live plays a big role in how far your money can do the salsa! In places like the North East, where the average salary is around £31,200, your £28,000 can provide a decent life. But in London with its £44,370 average, that same £28,000 might feel like trying to buy a mansion with a piggy bank. Same money, different story, all thanks to the cost of living! Check out the table below for the full salary scoop across different UK regions in 2023.

LocationAverage Salary
United Kingdom£34,963
South East£36,560
East £34,833
South West£33,450
North West£33,036
West Midlands £33,003
Northern Ireland£32,879
Wales £32,371
Yorkshire and The Humber£31,920
East Midlands £31,634
North East £31,200
Source: Statista

Is £28k a good salary for your age?

Don’t let age define your earning potential! While £28,000 might be the average for 22-29 aged people, remember, the sky’s the limit! Take inspiration from the 40-49 age group, boasting a median of £39,491. Invest in your skills and watch your salary soar beyond any age-related expectations. Check out the table below for the nitty-gritty on average salaries in 2023.

Age GroupAnnual Earnings
Source: Office for National Statistics

Can you live on 28k salary a year in the UK

Yes, you can live with a 28,000 salary. With this salary, you can afford rent, transportation, grocery and other necessities without too much trouble. But you may not have much left over for luxuries.

A 28k salary is not enough to live comfortably in London. The cost of living in London is very high. You will need other sources of income to make ends meet.

Budgeting for a 28k salary

On a £28k salary, budgeting and managing your money well is key in the UK. With some careful planning, you can live comfortably while still saving for the future.

Firat calculates your net monthly income after taxes and deductions. For a £28k salary, you’ll take home around £1,900 per month. From there, you should assign your funds to crucial expenses such as rent, utilities, loan payments, and groceries. Aim to spend no more than 50% of your take-home pay on essentials.

  1. For housing, you can afford a one-bedroom flat outside of London for £900 to £1,200 per month. If you’re in London, flat share will be in your budget.
  2. For utilities like electricity and the internet, your budget will be around £200 to £250 per month.
  3. For groceries, your budget will be around £200 to £300 per month. Cook more meals at home using seasonal produce and staples. Take advantage of weekly specials at markets and bulk buy non-perishables.
  4. For transportation, use public transit. It is much cheaper compared to a car. The transportation cost will come around £60 to £70 per month. Also, you can walk or use a bike for transportation.

After accounting for essentials, divide the remaining funds into discretionary spending and saving. Also, put away at least 10% of your earnings in an interest-accruing savings fund for long-term goals.

is 28000 a good salary

How much rent can I afford on a 28k salary

You can afford up to £600 per month in rent on a £28k salary in the UK. But, your actual rent depends on where you live. This assumes that rent should be no more than 30% of your take-home pay. It is a general rule of thumb that many experts advised.

How much rent can I afford in London?

In expensive cities like London, £28k would be considered a modest salary. At that pay level, aim for £600 to £800 per month if renting alone. You may need to consider living further out from the city centre or in a flat share to stay within budget.

Look for one-bedroom flats in Zones 3 through 5 of the London Underground for the most affordable options. Areas like Stratford, Leyton, Tottenham and Wood Green often have lower rents. Consider nearby towns such as Luton, Watford or Harlow which offer cheaper rents with rail connections into London.

What about other UK cities?

In more affordable cities like Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds or Glasgow, you’ll have more flexibility in your budget. You can afford a decent one-bedroom flat for £500 to £700 per month.

How much mortgage can I get with 28000 annual salary

Buying a house on a 28k salary is tough, but it is possible. You just need some budgeting on that income. In general, lenders will give you 4.5 times your annual income as a mortgage. That means you can get up to £126,000 as a mortgage. But, you have to deposit 10% of the property value for getting the mortgage. You also need a good credit score. Otherwise, the mortgage amount will be low.

In the UK, the average house price is around £250,000. With a 10% deposit (£25,000), your mortgage payment comes around £1000 -£1300 per month. On a £28k salary, it’s tough to make this payment.

But you can take advantage of first-time buyers. Govt. has a scheme called “Help to Buy” for first-time buyers. Here Govt. lends up to 20% (40% London) of the property value. Additionally, you only need to deposit 5% of the property’s value.

Another option is to consider buying with a partner or spouse. Two incomes will make buying a more realistic goal, even on a modest salary.

The location and type of home also matter for the pricing of the house. Buying in a lower-cost area like Northern England, Scotland, or Wales may be more affordable than in Southern England. Terraced houses and apartments typically cost less than detached homes.

Tips for Living Well on a £28k salary

is 28000 a good salary uk

Living comfortably in the UK on a yearly salary of £28,000 can be challenging. But with these tips, it is definitely achievable.

  • Carefully budget your expenses. Track your spending to understand where your money is going each month. Look for expenses you can cut. Even minor changes can add up to big savings over time.
  • Meal prep and cook more at home. Cooking at home is much cheaper than eating out. Meal prep on the weekends to make lunches and dinners for the week. Buy in-season produce and staples in bulk when possible.
  • Consider a side hustle. If possible, take on a side gig for extra income, like freelancer or tutoring online. Put all earnings from your side gig towards your financial goals.
  • Build an emergency fund. Aim to save enough to cover 6 months of essential expenses. These funds help you in the time of job loss or medical emergencies or other unforeseen circumstances. Start by saving a little each month and increase the amount over time as you pay off debt. An emergency fund gives you a financial cushion and peace of mind.
  • Take advantage of discounted activities. Check sites like Groupon, LivingSocial and VoucherCodes for discounted deals. Museums, zoos, and galleries often have free entry. Parks and libraries also provide free recreation and entertainment options.


So there you have it. The full detailed view of living on a 28k salary in the UK. A 28k salary good or not fully depends on you and your location. To my knowledge, you can live a decent life with this salary in the UK. But, you need some extra income to live comfortably in big cities like London.

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Can you raise a family on a 28k salary?

Yes, It is possible to raise a family on a 28k salary in the UK. But, it will need careful budgeting and some sacrifices. Govt. also helps you to raise your children. They will give you around £24 per week for your first child and £15.90 for each additional child.

Is 28k a good salary in London?

London is one of the most expensive cities in the UK. A 28k salary is not a high salary in London. The average salary in London is around 42k. So you would be earning below the average. Therefore, you need careful budgeting and lifestyle adjustments to live in London.

Is 28,000 middle class in the UK?

The definition of the middle class depends on location, family size, and individual circumstances. However, a 28k salary is lower-middle-class in the UK. Because it is below the national average salary, which is around £33,000. So you would be called a lower-middle-class person.

Is 28,000 low-income in the UK?

Yes, a 28,000 salary is considered low income in the UK. Because the median household income is around £34,000 in the UK. But, the real meaning of low income can be determined by specific criteria employed by government agencies, researchers, and policymakers.

£28000 a year is how much an hour

£28000 a year is £14.36 for an hour before tax. It will be around £11.83 after tax.

Disclaimer: All the information provide on this article only for educational purposes. Please don't take it as a salary advice. Please do your own research before making any salary related decisions.