Is 55k a good salary in the UK (2024)

You got a job offer with an annual salary of £55,000. Now you wonder Is 55k a good salary in the UK.

The short answer is yes, £55,000 is a good salary in most areas of the UK, especially outside of London. The median salary in the UK is around £33,000, so £55,000 would put you well ahead of that median salary.

The cost of living also varies widely across the UK. So the answer also depends a bit on where exactly you live.

Is 55k a good salary UK

Is 55000 a good salary in the UK

Defining a “good salary” depends on your own lifestyle and location in the UK. For most people in the UK, £55,000 would be a great salary that provides a comfortable lifestyle.

In expensive cities like London, a 55k salary may only afford basic necessities. Outside major cities, £55k goes further. You could rent a nice flat, dine out often, and take holidays.

To determine if 55k is a good salary for you, look at the average pay for your profession. As a benchmark, the median full-time salary in the UK is around £33,000. If you’re earning well above that, especially early in your career, you’re doing quite well.

A good salary means earning enough to meet the essential costs of living. Paying off debt, saving for future, and having money left to enjoy life. At £55,000, you can achieve all that in most areas of the UK.

Is 55k a good salary in London?

Whether £55,000 is a good salary in London depends on your situation. For a single person, this salary could provide a comfortable lifestyle in London. However, for a family £55,000 is not enough to live on.

Some factors to consider:

  • Housing costs: Rent and home prices in London are very high. Expect to pay at least £1,500 per month for a one-bedroom flat according to Rentlondonflat. Buying a house at the average London price of over £500,000 may not be workable for a £55,000 salary.
  • Transportation: Public transit in London isn’t cheap. The average monthly travel pass costs you around £200 according to Londontoolkit . Driving and parking in London can also be expensive.

While £55,000 is a good salary for some in London, for others it may feel tight. A lot also depends on your own budget, priorities and financial responsibilities.

What is 55000 after tax?

A 55,000 salary person comes under 40% tax brackets. Therefore, a £55,000 salary will be £40,953 after tax. This is equal to £3,412 per month and £787 per week.

The tax calculation provides on the basis of individual’s salary and does not factor in any additional sources of income or deductions such as student loans, pensions, or other income. Here is a breakdown of the tax deductions on the salary of £55000:

Gross Salary£55,000£4,583£1,057£211£28.21
Taxable Salary£42,430£3,535£815£163£21.76
Income Tax£9,428£786£181£ 36£4.84
National Insurance £4,618£384£88£ 17£2.37
Take-Home pay£40,953£3,412£787£157£21
Calculate your own tax here.

Can you live on 55k salary a year in the UK?

Yes, you can absolutely live with £55k salary in the UK. A £55k annual salary provides a monthly take-home pay off £3,412 after taxes. It is a good income in most areas of the UK. This money can easily cover all your expenses like housing, utilities and groceries. You can also enjoy leisure activities and holidays with leftover money.


Living in London, on a £55k, is possible but may require some budgeting. Rent and living costs are too high in London. You can rent a one-bedroom flat and enjoy nights out, but you won’t be able to save money.

Outside of London

Your £55k will go a lot further. You will find housing and expenses 10-30% cheaper in north-side cities. You may even afford a mortgage on a 2-3 bedroom property while enjoying a good work-life balance with holidays and hobbies.

can i raise a family
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Can you raise a family on a 55k salary in the UK?

For a family, £55,000 is a good income in most areas of the UK. It’s enough to raise children, especially outside of London. But this salary can’t give you a lavish lifestyle in the UK.


The average UK family spends about £18,000 per year on rent or a mortgage. Outside of big cities, £55,000 should cover housing costs for a small house or apartment for a family. You need to budget wisely in high-cost areas like London, where housing costs are much higher.


Most families spend around £19 per week for primary school child and £39 per week for secondary school child according to Child poverty action group. That means you can easily raise a children on a 55k salary.

Budgeting for a 55k salary person in the UK

With a salary of £55,000, you’ll be made well above the UK average and median household incomes. However, the cost of living in the UK, especially housing and transportation, can be quite high. To live comfortably, you will need to make a budget.

  1. Housing: Aim for rent of £8,00-£1,300 per month for a one-bedroom flat outside of London. If buying, target mortgages of £150,000-£200,000. Set aside extras for utilities like heat, electricity and water.
  2. Transportation: Public transport in cities is efficient, so you may not need a car. Get an annual railcard for £30 to save 1/3 on fares. Budget £50-£100 per month for a bus/metro pass.
  3. Food: Shop at budget supermarkets like Aldi or Lidl and cook most meals at home. £200-£300 per month is enough for basic groceries if you avoid expensive takeaways.
  4. Entertainment: Take advantage of free museums and events. Get a TV licence for £13.25 per month and streaming services for £5-£10/month. Budget £50-£100 for dining out, cinema or pub nights.
  5. Savings: Aim to save at least 10% of your pay. Open a high-interest savings account and set up an automatic monthly transfer. Even putting away £300-£500 per month will add up over time.

How much rent can I afford on a 55k salary?

On a £55,000 salary in the UK, you can afford up to £1,400 per month on rent. If you live in a pricey area like London, aim for the lower end of that range. You can find a more affordable rental option on the North side. You will find quality housing for £1,000-£1,200.

You can get a one-bedroom flat for around £800-£1,200 per month in most areas of the UK. Two bedrooms will be £1,100-£1,300 per month.

Apartment and house sharing is a good option to save on money on renting. You can find rooms for rent from £500-£700 per month in most areas of the UK.

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How much mortgage can I get with 55000 annual salary?

With an annual salary of £55,000, you can get a sizable mortgage in the UK. You can expect to borrow between £200,000 to £250,000 as a rough estimate.

Lenders typically allow borrowers to take on mortgages of 4 to 4.5 times of their annual income. Following this guideline, with an income of £55,000, they would approve you for a mortgage of £200,000 to £225,000. Some lenders may approve mortgages as high as 5.5 times your income if you have a good credit score. That means you can borrow up to £275,000.

You should spend no more than 30% of your monthly slary on monthly mortgage payments. It is a good rule of thumb. In that case, you can spend £1,375 per month on monthly mortgage payments.

You should also consider other costs that come with home ownership. Like property taxes, homeowner insurance, maintenance, council tax, etc.

Tips for Living Well on a £55k salary

Living comfortably on £55,000 per year in the UK is definitely doable with some amazing tips. Here are some amazing tips to make the most of your salary.

Spend wisely

Focus your spending on essentials like housing, food, and transportation. Look for ways to save on discretionary things like dining out, entertainment, etc. Always buy generic or less expensive brands, cut the cord on cable, and limit your subscriptions.

Find affordable housing

Rent a reasonably priced flat or house. You can also consider living with roommates to save on costs. If buying is your priority, then look at more affordable areas. Keep your housing costs under 30% of your take-home pay.

Use public transit

Driving in the UK can be expensive. Using public transit, walk, cycle or rideshare is a better option to save money. If you’re a frequent rider, then buy an annual transit pass. It helps you to save money.

Develop a budget

Track your income and expenses to understand your cash flow. Look for expenses that you can cut. Set a budget to spend less than you earn and save the rest. Even saving a small amount regularly can help build your financial security.


So there you have it, living on a 55k salary in the UK. If you have a modest lifestyle and little financial dependents, £55,000 could provide you a comfortable life. But if you live in big cities like London and have a family to support, £55,000 may feel like it’s not quite enough.

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