How much interest on 10 million pounds | interest on 10 million pounds UK

Let’s say you’ve got 10 million pounds. Nice problem to have, right? But the actual question is, “How much interest on 10 million pounds?”

Therefore, we discuss different investment options to generate interest income with 10 million pounds. Also, we include other aspects related to interest income.

How much interest on 10 million pounds

Based on the current bank interest rate of 5%, you could earn £500,000 in interest every year on 10 million pounds. This is equal to £41,667 per month or £9615 per week.

However, actual interest income on 10 million pounds depends on various financial factors. Like current interest rates, the type of investment and the length of the period. Therefore, we discuss different types of investment options to earn interest.

How much interest on 10 million pounds

Easy access saving account interest on 10 million pounds UK

With £10 million in an easy-access savings account, you can expect to earn interest but don’t expect to get rich from it. Interest rates on savings accounts are generally low these days. The average easy-access savings account interest rate is around 1.5%. So, on £10 million, you can generate around £150,000 in interest per year. The good news is your £10 million is very low risk in an easy-access savings account. Your money is readily available whenever you need it without penalty. The interest rates may be low, but some interest is better than none at all. You can check Easy Access Savings Account here.

Fixed-rate saving account interest on 10 million pounds UK

A fixed-rate savings account is a low-risk investment option. With £10 million deposited, you can generate a sizable interest income. Interest rates on fixed-rate savings accounts are generally around 3.6%. So if you deposited £10 million into a 1-year fixed rate account at 3.6% interest, you’d earn £360,000 in interest. The interest is usually paid monthly or annually. The bad thing about this investment is your money will be locked for a period. You can check Fixed-term Savings Account here.

T-bills interest on 10 million pounds UK

T-bills mean Treasury Bill. It stands as a steadfast investment option. T-bills ensure an attractive return on investment. It is also considered risk-free due to the sovereign guarantee. £10 million pounds invested in treasury bills can generate a sizable interest income. The current T-bill interest rate is around 5%. That means you could generate £500,000 in interest at £10 million pounds. You can buy T-bills from here.

CDs interest on 10 million pounds UK

CDs means Certificate of Deposit. It is one of the safest investment options to grow your funds. As a risk-free choice, CDs offer a fixed interest rate over a predetermined period. The 1-year CDs pay about 4.15% interest. On 10 million pounds, that would earn you around 415,000 pounds in interest per year. By depositing funds in CDs, you can enjoy the assurance of a guaranteed yield. You can buy CDs here.

Gilts interest in 10 million pounds UK

Gilts are government bonds. Govt. issued it to raise money for the government works. I consider gilts an ultra-safe investment option because the UK government has never defaulted on its debt. For £10 million, you could buy a basket of gilts to generate interest income. When you invest in Gilts, you’re looking at a solid average interest rate of 4.25%. So, when you put in 10 million pounds, you can expect a handsome return of approximately £425,000. That’s a pretty impressive outcome for your investment! Gilts paid interest twice a year until the bond matures. The gilt yield may change over time based on the economy and interest rates. But your interest payments are fixed once you buy the gilts. You can buy gilts from here.

How much tax on your interest income

In the UK, you have to pay tax on your interest income. How much tax you pay depends on your tax bracket.

If you generate £360,000 pounds in interest, then you come under an additional tax bracket. Where you have to pay 45% as a tax. After-tax, your £360,000 pounds would be £206,738 pounds.

On the above, we just give an example. Your interest income may not be the same as mentioned above. So the following table shows your interest income with different rates.

Interest Rate
Annual Interest
Before Tax
Annual Interest
After Tax
Calculate your own tax here.

How to invest 10 million pounds

Investing £10 million could generate a large amount of income. We already talk about earning income from interest. But here we discuss investing 10 million pounds. The following has some options to consider.

Stock Market

For higher returns, consider investing in the stock market. Choose a high-paying dividend stock. The average stock market return is around 9-10%. That means you could generate around £900k to 1 million pounds in annual returns at £10 million. Stock Investing comes with higher risk, but returns can be greater over the long run. Also, diversify your holdings to reduce the risk.

Real estate

Investing 10 million pounds in real estate presents a great opportunity to grow your wealth. Tangible assets like property hold their value well over time. You could buy a residential or commercial property. From there, you can collect rental income and property price appreciation. The average property price appreciation is around 7%. That means you could generate around 700k pounds in annual returns at 10 million pounds. Rental income can provide a steady cash flow, while long-term capital appreciation is a key driver for such an enormous investment.

Start a Business

If you have an entrepreneurial itch, starting your own company could be highly rewarding. Look for opportunities to solve problems in the market. With £10 million of seed funding, you’d have a huge head start. Even if you only earned a modest profit, you’d gain the lifestyle benefits of being your own boss.

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Can I live on the interest from 10 million pounds?

Yes, you can live with an interest income. At a 3.6% annual interest rate, your 10 million pounds would generate 360,000 pounds per year. That amounts to over 30,000 pounds each month. It is more than enough to live in the UK. Also, you don’t need to touch your principal investment.

However, you can also choose the stock market or real estate for investment. You will find better returns on an investment of £10 million. You can expect an approximate return of 10% from the stock market and 7% from real estate. With a 10% return, you could generate £1 million in income annually. Similarly, a 7% return could generate an impressive 700,000 pounds per year.

With the right combination of these options, your 10 million could easily spin off 300,000 or more per year. It allows you to live comfortably without reducing your nest egg. The key is balancing risk and return to ensure a good income for life. With some prudent investing, you really could live off the interest and never run out of money.

What can I buy with 10 million pounds?

With 10 million pounds, you have many options to spend it. Here are a few ideas.

  • You could buy a luxury vehicle. Like an Aston Martin DB11, a Mercedes S-Class, or Rolls-Royce Phantom.
  • Want a lavish place to live? 10 million could buy you a sprawling mansion or you can buy a private island.
  • How about an unforgettable trip? Charter a private jet to fly you away to an exclusive resort in the Maldives. Go on an African safari and rent a super yacht to cruise the Mediterranean.

10 million pounds is a lot of money. Keep in mind that with great money comes great responsibility. Be prudent and seek financial guidance on investment, saving and managing these funds. It helps you to secure your future. But do take time to enjoy some of life’s luxuries – you’ve earned it!

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How to make 10 million pounds?

To make your first £10 million, start with a realistic plan. You could choose to follow the following money-making strategy to make £10 million.

  1. Start a business. Build something that provides value to customers. Look for ways to multiply revenue by scaling your products. Or you can make a recurring revenue business model like Netflix.
  2. Invest in assets. If you have saving then invest in stocks or other assets that generate revenue for you. Do your research to find undervalued opportunities with high growth potential. Start with what you can afford and reinvest the returns.
  3. Create an online course or community. If you have expertise or experience in a particular subject, create and sell an online course. Build a membership community around a shared interest or goal.
  4. Save and minimize expenses. Keep your costs low while maximizing your income. Look for ways to cut unnecessary expenses. Small changes can make a big difference over time by compounding.

The key is taking that first step to get started. Building wealth is a marathon, not a 100-meter race. Stay disciplined and patient. Review and revise your plan regularly which help you to achieve the £10 million goal in a couple of yours.


Earning 10 million pounds is a great feeling. After reaching £10 million, everybody wants to know how much interest they can earn. Therefore, we discuss many options to earn interest income. Based on current interest rates, you could earn between £100,000 to over £500,000 pounds annually. So start saving today – your future self will thank you.

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How much interest on £10 Million at 1%?

Ans:- At a 1% interest, you could generate 100,000 pounds each year. That is equal to £8,334 per month or £1,923 per week.

How much interest on £10 Million at 1.5%?

Ans:- At a 1.5% interest, you could generate £150,000 pounds each year. That is equal to £12,500 per month or £2,885 per week.

How much interest on £10 Million at 2%?

Ans:- At a 2% interest, you could generate £200,000 pounds each year. That is equal to £16,667 per month or £3,846 per week.

How much interest on £10 Million at 2.5%?

Ans:- At a 2.5% interest, you could generate £250,000 pounds each year. That is equal to £20,834 per month or £4,808 per week.

How much interest on £10 Million at 5%?

Ans:- At a 5% interest, you could generate £500,000 pounds each year. That is equal to £41,667 per month or £9,615 per week.

How much interest on £10 Million at 7%?

Ans:- At a 7% interest, you could generate £700,000 pounds each year. That is equal to £58,334 per month or £13,461 per week.

How much interest on £10 Million at 10%?

Ans:- At a 10% interest, you could generate £1,000,000 pounds each year. That is equal to £83,334 per month or £19,230 per week.